A List of the Top 5 Casino Games. Know Why They Are the Best

So what are the top 5 casino games? There is significant value in the overall player enjoyment of a game but the truth is most people play to win. So our top 5 casino games are those that not only are highly enjoyable but also have the best odds in favor of player. This has nothing to do with the commonly know “house edge” but everything to do with the average win rate. What is a win rate? A certain amount of money is played on a specific game, the amount of that money that is being paid out – is known as a win rate. Participating in slots and blackjack leagues are two of the most well known ways to claim some winnings but, you’ll be surprised to know that there is a less-known casino game that statistics show to have great player odds with a great average win-ratio. Regardless of whether you’re hitting the casino floors or doing a bit of online casino and betting on your mobile – these are the games that pay out better than the rest – time and time again.

1. The Sports Book

Yes, that’s right sports betting can be, and is very rewarding, so much so that some consider sports bet trading a financial and investing asset. Many high-paying bets are found in the sport books of casinos, and these have, by far, the highest odds for betters. Although your options may be limited by the country you live in, there are a number of online betting sites that allow you to bet, or rather place what is known as a wager, on almost any sport and tournament you can think of. Why is sport betting at the top of our list? Well, statistics show that casinos only hold, on average, just below 4% of all bets placed, this indicates that the odds are stacked well in your favor. So whatever your sport of choice, from football and basketball to baseball and boxing – there is a bet out there that can make you some serious money. You’ll have to do a bit of research to become familiar with the jargon used in sports betting but it’s all fairly simple and you’ll understand how and why a “betting line” changes and how it all works in no time.

2. Blackjack

Blackjack is great fun, easy to play and has great odds in favor of players. Even new players can stack up the chips without much effort, since you’re only playing against the dealer. A bit of experience in this game will make sure that you know exactly when to hold, hit or fold to make sure you come out on top.

3. Roulette

This is a classic casino game that can win you some serious money if you know how to play. The major reason for big losses at a roulette table is that players simply bet against themselves – they place a bet on the color red and then also place bets on individual black numbers, so learning the game well and placing good bets can seriously work in your favor. Bets placed on individual numbers have the highest win ratio and will certainly help you hit it big.

4. Poker

There are different versions of poker and you can play based on your personal preferences, but you do need to know how to play to win. Although odds are not as high as with the previous casino games, poker makes this list because there are a number of amazing cash and big prize tournaments available to both online and casino-floor players. Almost every casino and site will run a periodic tournament, but even the normal games run good odds and can offer you rewarding bonus bet wages that make all the difference.

5. Slots

Casinos generally make over 50% of their turnover from slot machines and odds are not incredibly high but are still considered to be good. Slots still make this list because statistics show that when you play the max bet, as opposed to minimum, your odds of getting a huge payout are drastically increased. So if you want to win big on the slots you have to play big. You can also view a number of statistics that will let you know which slots have the highest win ratios, and knowing which to play will give you a significant upper hand. You can also find many generous slot jackpots and prizes that are offered both online and on casino-floors. In summary, betting high on machines that are offering a jackpot and are also known to have high win ratios is the best player strategy.



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